Shopping Time!

At long last, Karate Tortoise is finally nearing completion. Picture is locked, VFX are finished, and all three episodes are currently going through sound design and color correction. If all goes according to plan, our little series will be finished by October.

What next, you might ask? We're going to start by getting it out there on the festival circuit. As digital series become more and more popular and lucrative, "web fests" have become just as much of a thing as traditional film festivals. The aim is to play Karate Tortoise at a few of these events in order to get some visibility and traction. Meanwhile, we'll use our network of brilliant actors and filmmakers to quietly shop it to various companies, as we've long believed that Karate Tortoise's ultimate home should be on a well-curated digital platform.

I've also had some luck with an original pilot I finished earlier this year. Through the craziness that is Hollywood, a pair of established showrunners offered me a shopping agreement, allowing them to pitch my show to various studios around town. This has been a pretty exciting turn of events for me-- needless to say I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that we'll find the right buyer!

More soon...

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