Karate Tortoise is in the Can!

After nine months of writing, prepping, casting, building, and planning, Karate Tortoise is finally in the can. We shot three episodes of this comedy web series from December 12 to December 16, and it was, by far, the hardest project I've ever tackled. With three prosthetics characters, five whimsical sets made entirely out of cardboard (yes, even the furniture), and an ambitious shooting schedule crammed into just five days of principal photography, I'm pretty sure it shaved five years off my life. But it was totally worth it.

Right now, our editor Ryan is hard at work on the assembly, while our animator, Christine, is creating all the exteriors using stop motion animation. Oh, and our composer is about to start writing music. So much is happening. We're looking at about three months of post before it's all said and done.

Stay tuned for our teaser!

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